Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cotton Candy Chapter I

one fine day, the butterflies and dragonflies were playing and flying in the cotton meadows when they found boxes of magic paint. they began splashing magic paints all over the cotton and it became a beautiful and quirky masterpiece. don't you just love the patterns?

Quirky Design English Cotton
high quality, recommended to do modern kurung, but then again, creativity has no limits..
RM150 for 4 meters
(unless stated)

Choc Paisley

Urban Butterflies (SOLD)
RM 180

Tropical Paradise (SOLD)

70's Genie (SOLD)
Bluebelle (SOLD)

Minty (SOLD)

Blossom (SOLD)

Bubbles (SOLD)

Primrose (SOLD)

Rangoli Green (SOLD)

Rangoli Black (RESERVED)

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