Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cotton Candy Chapter II

good morning! its already the next morning but the butterflies and dragonflies cannot stop playing with the magic paints!

Quirky Design English Cotton
RM 150 for 4 metres
(unless stated)

Rangoli Pink (SOLD)
RM 180

Green Paisley (SOLD)
RM 180

Pretty Paisley (SOLD)
RM 180
Blue Lagoon
RM 180

Retro Flower
RM 180

Spring Bouquet (SOLD)

Black Forest (SOLD)

Pinkie Pie (SOLD)

Purple Bloom (SOLD)

Orange Bloom (SOLD)

Floral Stitch (SOLD)

Rangoli Black

Cool Forest (SOLD)

Hoola Hoop

Cocoa Butter (SOLD)

English Garden (SOLD)

Orange Blossom (SOLD)

Rangoli Blue Pink (SOLD)
Rangoli Blue (SOLD)

Peacock (SOLD)